The primary currency used is the Euro. (Starting January 2023, Croatia also adopted the euro currency.)

Ryanair, Wizz air , Austrian Airlines, Croatian Airlines to to Triest Venice Ljublijana Zagreb Pula and Rijeka

Clothing and accessories:

at least two cycling jerseys with short sleeves and one with long sleeves
padded bike shorts
bike helmet
knee pads (elbow pads optional)
bike gloves
rainproof jacket and pants
warm “civilian” clothing (fleeces, pants …)
swimsuit, towel
sunscreen and insect repellent
personal hygiene set (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo…)
Your riding backpack should carry at least:

2 liters of fluid/day (hydration bladder or plastic bottles)
1 spare inner tube (appropriate valve)
Plus any other stuff you can’t ride without (phone, camera etc.)!

Every hotel offers an extensive selection of fresh vegetables and fruits at the buffet, while the restaurants have modified their menu to accommodate dietary preferences.

Lunches (typically around 25 euros for quality Mediterranean meals), alcoholic beverages, additional spending money for personal expenses and shopping.

The bikes are delivered to the hotel upon the riders’ arrival, ready to be prepared for the day’s ride.

The ideal weather for bicycle excursions spans from April (the racing season) through July, but it’s important to note that August can be both hot and expensive. The trips continue between September and October in Croatia. For Slovenia, the prime time for riding is from mid-May until mid-September.

Certainly, in all locations, we are well-prepared to address any rider or bicycle needs. Each group is provided with an accompanying vehicle, offering a secure place to store personal equipment.

Every riding instructor is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit. Hospitals or clinics are conveniently situated within a short distance of 15-30 minutes. Additionally, each rider is required to bring their regular medications and any necessary medical treatment.

The team of instructors is skilled in managing field malfunctions. Additionally, the bike rental company attends daily to repair, test, and ready the bikes for the following day.

A designated representative will be present at the hotel to assist with your check-in process.

Should be valid for a minimum of six months from the flight date.

The trip is quoted in euros and can be paid via bank transfer or through credit card installments. A receipt is provided before the trip, while an invoice is issued after the trip.

yes with an additional fee

Insurance for the rented bikes can be acquired through our service. Individuals who opt not to obtain insurance will be responsible for covering any damage detected at the end of the trip.

Absolutely. It’s necessary to independently insure the bicycle.

The hotels are of a 4-star quality and are cyclist-friendly, providing designated rooms for loading and storing bicycles.

Of course! If you wish to extend your stay in Slovenia, we will be happy to arrange everything you need (lodging, activities ..) to make sure your good times continue. Don’t hesitate to contact us

Wire Transfer (preferred option)

You can make your payments through wire transfer to the following address and our company’s bank account:
You can also use PayPal. .

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about payment, cancellations and refunds.

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