Bosnia weekend



Average km

45 KM


300-550 M

riding time

5 H

About the adventure

Embarking on an adventure in Bosnia reveals a land of rich contrasts and remarkable history. Beyond its turbulent past, Bosnia stands as a tapestry of untamed, stunning natural landscapes paired with the distinct charm of the Balkans. The locals exude warmth, offering hospitality, while the cuisine captivates with its exquisite flavors. A palpable essence of the ancient Byzantine Empire lingers, and the secret pathways are nothing short of extraordinary. It’s an ideal destination for discovering uncharted territories. Bosnia encapsulates this enchanting blend, a magical fusion of cultures that encapsulates the essence we cherish and adore.”


  • Morning coffee at kafeđinica Bajka

  • Riding on secred “Strava free” single trails

  • Baklava sweet “Kod gradskog mosta”

  • Shot of Rakija with locals in remote village

  • Relaxing in natural Spa next to river Vrbas

  • Lunch in local farm

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Travel To Your Destination
Direct Flight To tuzla or Zagreb

Crossing Croatia with a Stop for a Meal
Arrival and Accommodation
Hotel Check-In and dinner if we got on the right time .

**Possibility of an Introductory Ride Depending on Flight Schedules.

A Delightful Hotel Breakfast
After breakfast and mandatory morning coffee at the Bajka bar, we take off for the day’s MTB ride around the remote settlements in the vicinity of Banja Luka. A combination of gravel roads, tracks and singletrack descents takes us to the Vrbas river and its natural hot springs(water temperature is approx. 31°C). After lunch and rest at the springs we continue our afternoon exploring the area. A climb to Banj Brdo provides a scenic view of Banja Luka and an exciting singletrack descent back to town. The MTB ride ends with a rakia and baklava in city centre.

Dinner at the hotel and a drink on the promenade

A Delightful Hotel Breakfast
Shuttle day arrives, offering a chance for cheerful faces on the uphill journey as our bikes get the luxury of a van ride via a mountain bike trailer. Experience the unique MTB descents along the Ponir trail situated in the immediate surroundings of Banja Luka. These natural trails wind down the mountain, providing an ideal terrain for mountain biking. Featuring a range of difficulty levels and trail types, these descents cater to even the most discerning riders. The majority of the trails conclude in the city center, ensuring that sustenance and refreshments are readily available during and after the thrilling mountain biking experience.

Dinner at the hotel

After breakfast we take off to some amazing trails close to Banja luka. Once again you will be surprised how good the riding in Bosnia can be. After the ride we’ll take well deserved lunch with a toast to a successful weekend. Then it’s time to return back home.
Complete your check-out and embark on a journey to Tuzla or Zagreb.

Travel Route
If flying from Zagreb, spend half a day exploring, shopping, and enjoying local attractions before making your way to the airport.


not included

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