Challenging Istria



Average km

50-70 KM


650-950 M

riding time

5.5 H

About the adventure

A charming coastal town and considered the sports city of the Istrian region.
The city has a total of 17,000 residents.
The city is alive and pulsating all year round with a multitude of events in all fields and a system of excellent hotels and restaurants.

Located south of Rijeka, it is one of the most attractive coastal cities in Croatia. There are many historical sites in the city, reminiscent of the Roman period: the amphitheater, built in the first century AD, the Temple of Augustus, the city walls, the city square and the old Roman Forum. In the city center you can find small restaurants with good food.

The picturesque fishing town of Rovinj is located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, in one of the most beautiful places along the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, making it a perfect gateway to this spectacular area in Croatia that is dotted with charming coastal towns, ancient villages, olive groves and wineries.

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Journey to the destination
Direct evening flight to Venice
A two and a half hour drive along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea, a short passage in Slovenia that also enjoys this beautiful piece of sea.
We will reach the picturesque town of Porch.

Check-in at the hotel and overnight.
We must gather strength and rest for tomorrow.

Reception and preparation of the bike after a luxurious breakfast at the hotel

Flowing riding in the town area to get to know the terrain route and the level of the group in a mesmerizing forest with flowing paths and singles, crossing vineyards and fruit trees.
Breathtaking view towards the Adriatic Sea.
Lunch in a restaurant or a picnic in nature – independently.

Dinner at the hotel and a tour of the city’s promenade is recommended for the strong

A pampering breakfast at the hotel.

Riding in the woods that surround the town on flowing singles that remind us of the bari of our country, with soft soil that holds and allows a nice flow on the trail.
Lunch in a restaurant or a picnic outside – independently.

Dinner at the hotel

A pampering breakfast at the hotel and departure with a shuttle to the park

The largest bicycle park in northern Croatia with routes for all levels. From technical singles to champions with a respectable height loss, passing through ancient villages with a constant sea view in front of us.
Lunch at a restaurant or picnic in nature (independently).

Drive from the park to the hotel and dinner

Breakfast At The Hotel And Drive To The Park
Start your adventure by visiting the historical old medieval castle and Pazinska jama, a deep cave that holds stories from the past.
Journey through the serene countryside near vineyards, providing a delightful cycling experience. Stop along the way to indulge in tasting sessions featuring locally produced wines.
Ascend to the Gračišće viewpoint, offering stunning vistas that showcase the breathtaking beauty of the region.
Conclude the trip by visiting Zarečki krov, a natural pool offering a serene spot for swimming and relaxation.
Return To The Hotel And Dinner

A pampering breakfast at the hotel

Riding in the area of the town of Bozet while crossing streams, views of ancient castles.
Lunch at a distillery (independently)

Dinner at the hotel and the powerful also went for a walk on the city promenade

A pampering breakfast at the hotel

Singles between villages with Italian aromas focusing on the city of Grozny.
Riding in the breath-taking Ouf Emek is combined with cool descents like the Ghetto Trail.
Lunch independently at a local restaurant.

Dismantling the bike and washing dinner at the hotel

Quick check out and last Croatian breakfast

the route
Return journey towards Venice airport.
Direct lunch flight back home.


not included

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